1. The characteristics of the medium

    Medium: __________________ (and document supply)

homogeneous __________________________________

inhomogeneous (suspension, emulsion, slurry and other) _____________

The range of operating temperatures environment, ˚, from _____ to _______

The range of kinematic viscosity, sSt, from _____ to _______

Impurities: the presence of air bubbles ____________________________________

the possibility of foaming _______________________________

the presence of solid impurities _______________________________

The estimated volume concentration of impurities, %, _________________

The possibility of obtaining samples of the medium (3 l - 5 l) _________________.

Nominal sizes DN ____________

Operating expenses, m3/h, ____________

Type of flow (volume, mass) ____________


2. Characteristic of accommodation flowmeter

Interior (explosive, explosion, fire) ________

The range of operating ambient temperatures, ˚, from _____ to _______

Humidity, %, from _____ to _______


3. Requirements for output signals

Digital: display ___________

the Protocol Modbus.rtu ___________

frequency (upper limit frequency), Hz, ___________

pulse, with the multiplier pulse/l, ___________

Analog: current, lower limit, mA, _____, upper limit, mA, ______

The requirement for alarm volume fluid dispenser __________


4. Process flow diagram

Lead the simplified scheme of the process in which you plan to install the flow meter indicating the place of its installation. In the diagram reflect the following:

Way of the fluid: pressure _________________

pumping _________________

Hydrostatic pressure in the pressure supply, m, _____________

The type of pump (centrifugal, plunger, etc.,) _____________

Range pressure when the pump flow, ATM. wt., from ______ to ________

Conditional passages pipeline DN, before installing the flow meter ____ after ____.

Configuration pipelines kinds of local resistance to the flow meter installation

valve _________, valve _________, knee 90 ________, two elbows in the same plane _________, the confuser _________, diffuser _________, other ___________

Distance from local resistance to the entrance of the flow meter m, _______

The pressure in the place of installation of the flow meter, ATM. wt., from _____ to ______

The distance from the place of installation of the flow meter to the transmitter (control room), m _________

5. The mode of operation and flow

The presence of situations, when flowing in the cavity of the meter there is no medium ____________________________________________

The mode of operation of the flow meter (hour, periodic, one-time) ______

In the case of periodic tasks to specify the cycles of time intervals _________

Rapid changes in flow in the process, Hz, _________

Time averaging of the readings, sec, ________




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